Kas 2001




Chat with and command an intelligent robot


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Kas 2001 is a small, intelligent program with which, within its limited capacity, you can maintain fun conversations.

The most important characteristics of the Kas conversational AI machine are:
- Learning capacity, incorporating unknown concepts and expressions into its database
- 80 groups of synonyms and a dictionary with more than 22,800 terms and definitions that it can use in conversation
- Control over initiating the conversation

You can also command Kas to do many other functions, for example:
- Run any program configured to allow its direct access
- Check to see if you have any new email, or remain logged in and automatically notify you if something arrives
- Visit one of your bookmarked websites
- Play music (from an MP3 playlist)
- Define any one of the 22,864 words in its dictionary

Additionally, Kas can be run behind other programs so that you can continue working or browsing the web while still being able to command it or continue your conversation.

Kas also has voice synthesis, a programmable alert system and task list, games, and the ability to change or rotate your desktop background image.
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